Our winemaker, Nova Perrill, joined Foppiano Vineyards in the beginning of 2015 and embodies the essence of what Foppiano represents: a commitment to quality in the cellar and vineyard. He brings with him not only the knowledge and experience gained from over 10 years of winemaking in Sonoma County, but also a strong desire to continue to enrich and expand the legacy of Foppiano Vineyards. Often times likening wine to art, he recognizes the subjectivity of wine and strives to create a masterpiece that many, from those just starting to explore wine to the ultimate wine enthusiast, can enjoy. After having already earned his Bachelor of Science from California State University San Luis Obispo, Nova had decided to go back for his Master’s degree in Crop Science when he found himself drawn to winemaking. At first attracted by the farming aspect, he quickly found himself intrigued by how, like art, this hands on process could create such an enjoyable end result. This winning combination of education, inquisitiveness, and respect landed him in the role of assistant winemaker and viticulturist at Mount Eden Vineyards where he worked with small batches of award winning Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for four years. Nova soon recognized that to become a well-rounded winemaker he needed to learn more about what winemaking and production involved beyond the realm of boutique winemaking. So in 2008 he moved on to become the Assistant Winemaker at Dry Creek Vineyards where he mastered making quality wine that was more widely available. Within his 7 years there he not only expanded his repertoire but also learned to quickly and accurately recognize which technique could make a wine truly shine. Nova brings to Foppiano Vineyards a very simple philosophy: to maintain the quality of the wine from grape to glass by letting the fruit guide the way. He does this by making sure he “stays in touch with the cellar” and employs the hands on technique that attracted him to this industry in the first place. It enables him to really get a feel for what is happening to the wine throughout every step of the winemaking process. When speaking of the future of the Foppiano line-up of wines, Nova cites not only the quality of the fruit that comes from the vineyards, but also the successful legacy of the winery and family. “Not only does Foppiano have quality vineyards and good wines but it also has a rich history, and you can’t buy history”.